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Amitava Chattopadhyay

Amitava Chattopadhyay
Emerging Market Multinationals - Amitava Chattopadhyay

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    Thu, 15 Apr @ 04:28 pm

    How predictable. The entire GoI has either been lobotomized, we're terminally stupid to begin with, or are irrespon…

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    Tue, 13 Apr @ 02:37 pm

    Mad dog muzzled and put on leash. 48 hours too short to diagnose rabies! "Bengal Assembly elections | EC notice to…

    via Hootsuite Inc.
    Tue, 13 Apr @ 01:40 pm

    How could 26 year veteran make such mistake? Importantly, she wasn't under threat & "crime" if any, was minor. Thou…

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    Sun, 11 Apr @ 05:55 pm

    Mad dogs should be??? "Bengal BJP president warns of more Sitalkuchi-like shootings, draws condemnation"

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    Wed, 07 Apr @ 04:06 pm

    What a backward mindset. As backward as his cricket was good! "Imran Khan criticised for rape 'victim blaming'"…

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    Sat, 27 Mar @ 05:55 am

    Does he even realize that he sounds like a moron, given his inherently contradictory statement? Is stupidity a qual…

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