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Amitava Chattopadhyay

Amitava Chattopadhyay
Emerging Market Multinationals - Amitava Chattopadhyay

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    Thu, 12 May @ 04:20 pm

    Wonderful! Let this be a beacon for the rest of the country to follow!"Two villages in Maharashtra ban rituals of w…

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    Thu, 12 May @ 07:51 am

    I congratulate Ms. Ratna R. Banerjee for returning the award. It's ridiculous how award bodies in India suck up to…

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    Sat, 07 May @ 11:21 am

    Love this satirical piece! "The future is Sanskrit" And why not!

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    Thu, 28 Apr @ 02:34 pm

    You keep saying it, but nothing changes. Simply put, you don't really care about your passengers and employees.…

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    Thu, 28 Apr @ 02:16 pm

    Another maskless joker on #Indigo 6E 676! When will people learn to follow rules? @PmModi @AmitShahOffice And…

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    Tue, 26 Apr @ 05:07 pm

    Since not obeying mask laws are punishable, use the law. Call the police. Announcements are not enough if they are…

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