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Amitava Chattopadhyay

Amitava Chattopadhyay
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Rasurel: Reviving an Ageing Brand

Rasurel: Reviving an Ageing Brand



The case describes the challenges facing Rasurel, the swimwear brand of Lejaby, a French lingerie company, which has set itself the ambition of revitalizing the image of Rasurel in the minds of consumers. Bruno de Lalande, the newly appointed Marketing & Sales Director, has invested heavily in market research in order to better understand the current women’s swimwear market. In light of the market research findings, what should Lejaby do?

Teaching Objectives

The case poses several interesting questions. First, should Lejaby reposition its swimwear brand, Rasurel, or are there alternative options to be considered? If so, on what segments of the market should it focus its efforts? Can Rasurel address the needs of several customer groups with the same products? How could the brand be repositioned in terms of product, price, distribution, and promotion? The marketing issues relating to positioning Rasurel and its implementation provide for an interesting discussion. Additional questions could be raised about the best option to manage the change: should Rasurel maintain its name or should it adopt the Lejaby name? In the event that a new brand is launched, should it replace the existing Rasurel brand or should it be a second brand, focusing on another segment of the market?

This case is designed for use in marketing modules, in both MBA and executive classes. It can be used to illustrate (i) the importance of brand positioning, in an introductory course/module, or (ii) the issues related to brand repositioning and the importance of aligning the organization behind its brand promise, in a more advanced course. The case study presents:

  • The challenges and power of a good positioning strategy
  • The importance of understanding the changes that happened in an industry and of focusing on consumers’ needs in developing an effective (re-)positioning strategy, while preserving the brand image
  • Insights into the swimwear market

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  Nov 11, 2004 | Cases

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